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Our research team studied the careers of successful independent musicians and discovered the specific steps they took to grow solid, supportive audiences.

A pink tour bus got me angry enough to write 288 pages about your music career.

My job involved recording and interviewing two bands a day for five years. The most personally fulfilled, financially stable musicians I met weren't the ones with fancy tour buses or huge entourages. I started studying them, so I could share their best practices with artists just like you.

Inside the book, you'll discover​...

  • Why you can't count on "the scene" to support you, and where you'll REALLY find your perfect audience.
  • How to build a success team that can help you fill your gigs, especially if you don't have any "industry connections."
  • How you can talk about your music in a way that attracts supporters, engages influential tastemakers, and doesn't make you sound like a sell-out.
  • What three things you can do today to start selling more of the right kinds of merchandise at your gigs and on your website.
  • Why you're not playing enough gigs, and the action plan you can start using right now to get in front of eager audiences over the next 90 days.

Thousands of musicians have put these tactics to work in their own careers since the first edition of the book appeared in 2002.

About the author

Joe Taylor Jr.

Over the past two decades, I've interviewed hundreds of musicians, produced over a dozen albums, and managed promotional campaigns for everyone from indie artists to Fortune 500 companies.

Along with the notes I scribbed in my journals after every meeting with a successful musician, my books are full of strategies compiled by researching the habits of highly successful artists in a variety of disciplines.

I wrote these books because I'm a ravenous music fan, and I think it's important for our culture that independent artists succeed at getting their work in front of appreciative, supportive audiences.

What readers are saying

"I read the whole of your book in one day... It’s focused, direct, and not like the other ‘how to make it big in the music biz’ books. If artists can follow your simple steps, what will they ever need a record company for?"


"I had a band for about twelve years and we were so dedicated to becoming rock stars that we did all the wrong things... Your book was the first, and I’ve read most of the others, that clearly states the difference between trying to become a rock star and really making a living making music. I just put together a new band and we’ll follow your suggestions to a ‘T’!"

New York

"Your book has given me a new look at a continuing problem with connecting with club bookers. Now I can use your strategy with a more assertive approach to club bookers, managers and audience members. Your book will definitely be an asset in furthering my career!"


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About the Author

My name's Joe, and I've been working with musicians, artists, and other creative professionals for over twenty years.

I started my career in radio, worked my way into album production, and eventually ended up managing artists and building marketing campaigns for some fantastic clients.

When I first started writing about the music business in 1999, I wanted to ensure that independent musicians could find a balance between their insiprations and the realties of a tough, commercial marketplace.

Today, houses all of my writing and research for artists and managers who want to develop solid careers with the help of their perfect audiences.

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